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Content outline

Axure RP 8 tutorial for beginners: How to create a fixed menu. Similar Axure tutorials that we found useful are this one that focuses on Axure RP 8. As you can see it is going to help you create a fixed menu using Axure RP8. This is all you need to know in order to use dynamic panels and browser pinning functionality.

Software overview

Workspace, page and widget styles, masters, and how to set up a project. Useful shortcuts and practical tips. Complete overview of the different widget types available, their properties and everything you can do with them. Includes the latest widgets and features (Axure 9 coming soon), such as custom vector shapes and the pen tool.


All you need to know about interactions and event triggers, described in detail one by one, and illustrated through practical examples. Includes use of variables to store and retrieve data, drag and drop, animated transitions, raised events, and expressions. Learn which Javascript components are worth using if you want to take your prototype to the next level, and without investing too much time on it.

Conditional logic

Add conditional logic to interactions, in order to recreate virtually any front-end pattern. Get a detailed description of all conditions, and when they should be used. Understand how to combine actions and conditions, and why a certain sequence works, and another doesn’t.

Repeater widget

Add datasets to your prototype and simulate real data. Learn how to make the content update dynamically by adding, filtering, sorting data, and much more. Create lists, search result templates, product catalogues, and so on, by adding expressions and conditions that give you full control over the dataset.

Mobile and adaptive prototyping

Axure Rp Pro Tutorials Pdf

Best Axure Tutorials

Settings and best practices to produce mobile prototypes that fit any Android and iOS device. Create a master prototype that adapts to different screens sizes via adaptive views. Generate layouts that share common elements but also scale from desktop to mobile or tablet devices.

Advanced UI patterns

Master Axure’s graphic capabilities to get high-fidelity prototypes. See how you can create modern, slick UI patterns and effects, such as advanced form controls, mouseover transitions, pinned headers and sidebars, scroll-based animations.

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