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Aug 30, 2018
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Classic CC 8.1
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  1. Windows 10
Hi, I've had a long slow death roll event happening with my Lightroom Classic CC application.
I'm running version 8.1 on a Windows 10 laptop.
The actual program is running off the laptop Crive while the catalog and all it's folders (helper, previews, LrData etc.) are all stored on an external hard-drive.
Running Lightroom has become more and more difficult with various freezing issues, bugs as well as the main issue of the catalog not being able to be backed-up, each time a back-up is attempted the program freezes and eventually generates a crash report, on start-up next time an error message pops up 'Lightroom needs to restart etc etc.'
I want to uninstall my version of Lightroom Classic CC and download another version, navigate to my last saved back-up, which is now over a month old, and see if it resolves my multitude of issues.
I don't want to lose anything important so the question is, can I just delete/uninstall my lightroom folder off the Crive, leaving all the catalog folders on my external hard-drive and expect things to go smoothly?