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Good news: The game works on my mac now. I just happened to be trying it out again last week, after installing Age of Empires 2 HD via Wine as well. AOE2HD ran perfectly. I just decided to try clicking Play on Overcooked. No pink screen came up, and the game. About This Game. Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players. Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff. Sharpen your knives and dust off your chef’s whites, there isn’t mushroom for error and the steaks are high in these crazy kitchens! Games like rocket league, dead cells and hollow knight work great with something like a DS4 controller too. Can't say anything about the mac part but I play overcooked on my keyboard, and find that fine tuning my movement is easier that way than on a controller, where I sometimes get an angle a tiny bit off and throw. Games like rocket league, dead cells and hollow knight work great with something like a DS4 controller too. Can't say anything about the mac part but I play overcooked on my keyboard, and find that fine tuning my movement is easier that way than on a controller, where I sometimes get an angle a tiny bit off and throw. 2 as a Steam key at Gamesplanet.com. Overcooked returns with a brand-new helping of chaotic cooking action! Journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble your team of chefs in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four players.

  1. Is Overcooked 2 Online Coop
Overcooked! 2
FormerUnity 2018[Note 1]
Unity 2017[Note 2]
Release dates
WindowsAugust 7, 2018
macOS (OS X)August 7, 2018
LinuxAugust 7, 2018
MicrotransactionsCosmetic, Finite spend
ModesSingleplayer, Multiplayer
PerspectivesBird's-eye view
ControlsDirect control
GenresAction, Party game, Simulation
Art stylesCartoon
ThemesFantasy, Zombies
Overcooked! 22018
Overcooked! All You Can Eat2021
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General information

Publisher Discord server
GOG.com Community Discussions for game series
GOG.com Support Page
Steam Community Discussions


Epic Games StoreGourmet Edition also available.
GOG.comGourmet Edition also available.
Green Man Gaming
Humble Store
Microsoft Store Included with Xbox Game Pass for PC.
SteamGourmet Edition also available.
All macOS and Linux versions require SteamDRM.

Version differences[edit]

The Gourmet Edition includes the Season Pass, Too Many Cooks and Surf 'n' Turf DLC.


DLC and expansion packs

Season Pass Includes Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde, and Carnival of Chaos.
Surf 'n' Turf Includes 12 levels and 2 character skins.
Campfire Cook Off Includes 15 levels and 4 character skins.
Night of the Hangry Horde Includes 8 horde mode levels, 12 more levels, and 4 character skins.
Carnival of Chaos Includes 15 levels and 4 character skins.
Too Many Cooks Pack Includes 5 character skins.

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

Windows HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareTeam17Overcooked2
Microsoft Store
macOS (OS X)
It's unknown whether this game follows the XDG Base Directory Specification on Linux. Please fill in this information.

Save game data location[edit]

Windows %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLowTeam17Overcooked2<user-id>
Microsoft Store
macOS (OS X)
Linux ~/.config/unity3d/Team17/Overcooked2/<user-id>

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

Epic Games Launcher
GOG Galaxy
Steam Cloud
Xbox Cloud


General settings.
Graphics featureStateNotes
Widescreen resolution
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)
Borderless fullscreen windowedEnable windowed mode and use the -popupwindowparameter (or see the glossary page).
Anisotropic filtering (AF)See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anti-aliasing (AA)See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
60 FPS and 120+ FPSCharacters animations and movements are locked at 50 FPS.[3]
High dynamic range display (HDR)


Keyboard controls.
Split keyboard controls.
Gamepad controls.
Keyboard and mouseStateNotes
Mouse acceleration
Mouse sensitivity
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller support
Full controller support
Controller remappingSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Controller sensitivity
Controller Y-axis inversion
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Impulse Trigger vibration
DualShock 4 controllersOn Linux, try disabling DualShock 4 support on Steam controller configuration to get the controller recognized
DualShock button prompts
Light bar support
Connection modesWired, V2
Generic/other controllers
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
Simultaneous controller+KB/M
Steam Input
Steam Input API support
Hook input (legacy mode)
Official controller preset(s)
Steam Controller button prompts
Cursor detection


Audio featureStateNotes
Separate volume controlsMusic, Sound Effects
Surround sound
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
HungarianFan translation.
Brazilian Portuguese


Multiplayer types

Local play4Co-op, Versus
LAN play
Online play4Co-op, Versus

Connection types

MatchmakingOnly for Arcade and Versus modes.
Direct IP

Other information[edit]


Overcooked 1 map
Technical specsSupportedNotes
macOS (OS X)


System requirements[edit]

Operating system (OS)7
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i3-2100
AMD A8-5600K
Intel Core i5-650
AMD A10-5800K
System memory (RAM)4 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)3 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GT 630
AMD Radeon HD 6570
DirectX 11 compatible
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
AMD Radeon HD 7510
A 64-bit operating system is required.
macOS (OS X)
Operating system (OS)10.12.610.13.1
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz
System memory (RAM)4 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)3 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GT 640MNvidia GeForce GTX 780M
AMD Radeon Pro 560
Operating system (OS)Mint 18, Ubuntu 16.04.01
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i3-2100
AMD A8-5600K
Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz
System memory (RAM)4 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)3 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTS 450Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M
AMD Radeon Pro 560


  1. Unity engine build: 2018.4.32f1[1]
  2. Unity engine build: 2017.4.8f1[2]


  1. Verified by User:Baronsmoki on 2021-06-17
  2. Verified by User:Baronsmoki on 2021-08-17
  3. Is framerate fixed? :: Overcooked! 2 General Discussions

ATLANTA — As the week following his start in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series progressed, one thing became clear to Max Scherzer.

“I overcooked my arm on this one,” the 37-year-old Dodgers right-hander said on the field before Game 6 at Truist Park, a game he was supposed to start but couldn’t after experiencing “general muscle soreness” following his fourth appearance in 12 days this postseason.

“I had more fatigue than I obviously would have liked. I overcooked my arm a little too much. Unfortunately, it just pushed the timeline back. Like I’ve said, this isn’t a true injury. It’s muscle fatigue. It’s dead-arm type stuff.”

Scherzer said he had “no regrets” about taking the ball for an inning to close out the NL Division Series against the San Francisco Giants and then starting Game 2 of the NLCS three days later.

“That’s hindsight. I felt good enough to go,” Scherzer said. “Even then (after 4-1/3 innings in Game 2), I felt that I had reached my limit and came out at the appropriate time. I knew my arm was very tired at that point and thought I was going to be able to recover.

“I just had muscle fatigue and thought that was going to subside kind of normally. Normally that takes two, three days when you have some really good muscle fatigue. I was off. It was four days. That’s what happens.

“Look, there’s been plenty of times when I’ve pitched and I’m not 100 percent. You’re able to navigate a lineup and you’re able to get out of a game and just survive. I thought I had done that in Game 2. I thought we had gotten out of there early enough at 80 pitches to allow my arm to recover. Especially with six days, that should have been sufficient enough. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I had more fatigue in there than I had thought. That’s the predicament we’re in.”

Scherzer’s teammate in Washington since 2015, Dodgers second baseman Trea Turner trusted the three-time Cy Young Award winner’s assessment of his own readiness to pitch.

“He’s pitched through a lot of things over the last seven, eight years that I’ve seen and he’s not pitched through some things,” Turner said. “He knows when his body’s available to go or not. So I think if he could he would definitely be out there.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Scherzer described it as having “three Day Ones,” feeling like each day was the day after a start with no progress in recovery.

“He just couldn’t get over that kind of muscle fatigue where typically you flush it out after running and Day 2, 3 and you’re back. He just never got to that point.”

Is Overcooked 2 Online Coop

Scherzer said he was unable to play catch beyond 60 feet until Friday when he played catch at Dodger Stadium before the team boarded a plane for Atlanta. Scherzer stretched it out to 90 feet during that throwing session. Walker Buehler was throwing at the same time.

“He felt like he was in a much better spot than I was,” Scherzer said of Buehler, who had started Game 3 on Tuesday. “Mark (Prior, pitching coach) also agreed with that. We all said it together that Walk was the best option for us to pitch Game 6 then I’ll give you what I got for Game 7.”

That required a Dodger victory in Game 7. Instead, the Dodgers’ season – and perhaps Scherzer’s time in a Dodger uniform – ended with a 4-2 loss in Game 6.

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What will determine whether Scherzer starts the game or is preceded by an opener?

“Don’t even think about that,” he said on the field before Game 6. “Just take it one day at a time. Go 1-0 today.”