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Temperature Monitor Editor's Review

'Temperature Monitor' is an application that can display different types of temperatures indicated by the sensors spread around your Mac.

Mac Temperature Monitor Free

Starting with the list of best CPU temp monitoring software we have placed AlCPU Core.

This application is Temperature Monitor Widget's bigger brother. The distribution package has more than a single version of this program. In the DMG image, you can find the normal version and the 'Lite' version.
This application can display the same temperatures that Temperature Monitor Widget can. The main difference is the way in which it can display them. Depending on the version used, the temperatures can be shown in the menu or in the Dock. Another difference between Temperature Monitor and the Widget is that this application has a serious 'Preferences' panel, which can customize the way this application works. You can modify different settings, which includes several ways of alerting, in case one of the devices is overheated.
Pluses: It can display the temperature of several types of temperature sensors. It's a flexible and highly customizable application.
Drawbacks / flaws:
Temperature Monitor For Mac FreeIn conclusion: If you need a full featured application, which can display the temperatures inside your computer, then this can be a serious candidate for the 'default monitoring application' position.
version reviewed: 4.11